I Want To Book A Dermatology (skin)

Consultation With Dr Bela

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Dr Bela's Clinic at The Hogarth Medispa, Chiswick, Airedale Avenue W4 2NW. T: 020 7111 0874

Dermatology - Skin issues

Mole check - skin cancer screening

Botox injections - anti-wrinkle treatments

Dermal Fillers - cheeks, chin, jawline, lips, temple

45 min - £180

If you don't feel healthy OR you are vulnerable to COVID 19 infection (over 65 and having chronic health conditions), please cancel your appointment. No cancellation fee applies.

Any questions, write to info@drbela.clinic

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I Want To Book A Dermatology Consultation With Dr Bela

What is it for?

You want to book a Dermatology Consultation if you have any kind of skin related complaints (moles, acne, lumps, bumps, rushes, etc.).

What is included?

Dermatology Consultation includes the following:

- head to toe medical examination (you need to undress to your underwear - see chaperoning policy below)

- examination and discussion of your specific symptoms

- checking all of your moles

- advice given based on the findings during the examination

- discussion of treatment options for your original symptoms with prescriptions if needed

- referral to third party specialist if needed

- chaperon is available upon your request

What is needed?

If you have visited other professionals (ie. your GP) before this appointment, please bring the following:

- medical assessment reports

- list or images of all the medication prescribed

- histology results if applicable

- photo ID

- children (aged 16 or younger) must be escorted by their parents or guardian - ID check will be performed and parental authority will be checked (ID of the child and birth certificate if available).